Flims Plans For the Year

I have been catching movies with my wife ever since we met and I think this is an activity a couple could do together. It has also turned into a small break away from the kids, all 3 of them, which my wife uses to do some light shopping whilst waiting for the movie to start.

I do, however, take note of her preferences when choosing the movie to watch. Namely, I stopped catching the stark war movies, such as The Pacific, which she guarda serie does not like. I guess most women don’t take to war movies too well.

-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Let me make this clear at the start: I have not read a single book and I do not intend to. I find the movie experience better than doing the reading. When Harry Potter first started, I absolutely refused to watch it as I thought it was more for kids. For example, Harry Potter was played by a really young actor and the way which Voldemort is defeated in the final scene is way too easy.

Thankfully, as the movies have been progressing, they have become a lot more mature to watch, with the child actors growing up and starting to look too old for their characters. They address many modern day issues and the magic spells are enthralling to watch.

-Twilight: Eclipse

As a “macho” guy, I was surprised at myself for enjoying the Twilight movie series and I have already caught the first 2. I have not caught many romantic movies for awhile. My preferences now is to watch movies with super powers involved. I was wondering how Twilight would turn out, but the Vampires in it have turned out to be quite interesting indeed.

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