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Journal keeping

Over recent years, journal-keeping has been increasing in popularity in the U.K. For many years, it has been popular in the U.S, from high-school kids through to presidents.

In this fast-moving technological age, we all know that it’s faster to write on a keyboard, but is it as satisfying? The very fact that putting pen to paper takes time, may actually be a reason for its increasing popularity. Journal writing creates a time and space to popular journal slow down and process our experiences and thoughts. As society speeds up, we spend more and more time and energy trying to find ways of slowing down and journal- keeping fits the bill.

People are getting more and more imaginative about journaling too; from simple diary entries, special recipes and travel experiences to guest books at weddings, people use journals to write, sketch and paint a keepsake that will be looked back on for years to come.

Journals come in all shapes and sizes and make thoughtful and elegant gifts, particularly at Christmas. Equally popular with men and women, leather journals are simple yet stylish. Some also come with an antique sari lining, making each leather journal unique and beautiful. Leather is hard wearing and travels well and its appearance improves with age. Even the paper inside some journals is special, some is made of recycled cotton pulp, which is thicker that normal paper. This makes it suitable to use with fountain pens and even watercolours.

Journals can be passed down through generations to be added to or to pass on information. Writing a journal during any period of your life makes gives future generations an insight of their roots and a deeper understanding of themselves. A journal written during the first few months of your babies’ life can make a beautiful gift for their 21st birthday. Equally, they can provide a private place to store your deepest fears and anxieties, not to be shared, but to be kept as a close companion.

Increasingly popular with teenagers and students on ‘gap’ years, leather journals make great gifts for travellers.They are a great place to store the experiences and memories that come with the enthusiasm of the young. Imagine sitting on the beach somewhere beautiful, opening up your leather journal and letting your creative juices flow…


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