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Signing an E-Document Using an E-Signature

Going digital is not just a trend nowadays nor an option-it’s the only thing to be. Going digital does not only save your company a lot on energy and resources, it can also improve your overall company image. One problem, though, of going digital and paperless is signing documents.

Your signature is the lock that will bind you in most contracts. It is often required to finish off transactions, secure deals and make or break your business. However, this can pose a problem when you are going paperless. For instance, if you switched your faxing services from the traditional to online fax and you received a contract via the latter method, then the only way for you to sign that contract is if you will have it printed and scanned afterwards. Remember, electronic signatures are different from digital signatures which require digital certificates. Electronic signatures are like pictures of your own signatures while digital signatures require more than just your John Hancock.

If you are creative enough, you know that there are other options to put in your e-signature to your e-document. Here are some things that you can do to create your own electronic signature:

1. Using any graphics editing software, you can create an online image of your signature using your mouse pointer. Save the document and have it inserted on the soft copy of the document that needs your signature.

2. Look for a mobile device that has a touch screen and from there, draw your signature using the stylus that came with the device (or your finger if no stylus is available) and save the image. Transfer it to your computer and voila! Your very own signature in digital format.

3. There are also site that allows you to create your own electronic signature and save it in image form. As with the other options, the next step is putting your signature in the documents that requires it.

You should not have any problem attaching these “picture signatures” into your documents if they are in Microsoft document formats. Just open the document, attach it in the signature line and save the document as a PDF file. This way, you are sure that no one will be able to edit the document and tamper with your signature or change anything within the document.

However, it would pose quite a challenge if the contract or document that was sent to you is already in a PDF format. You will not be able to edit these types of documents unless you have a PDF editor installed in your computer Get Digital signature like Adobe Distiller. However, if you don’t have any program that would allow you to do that, you can simply convert the PDF into a.DOC document using free online services. After you are done converting, add the image into the document, and import the document again as a PDF file to prevent other people from editing your signature or the entire document. You can now send the document back. Don’t forget to keep a copy for yourself!

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