Step by Step Guide to Perform Tension Adjustments For Machine Embroidery Work

In any high-speed embroidery machine, the concept of thread tension becomes so much critical. Every single machine will demand a different set of tensions. Although there are diverse methods which can be used for setting the tension correctly in the machine embroidery! Right here we have a basic manual which will help you to learn about how you can adjust the tension for machine embroidery designing:

  1. First of all, you have to locate the bobbin if in case you are considering making it install into the machine. You need to draw a couple of few inches of any thread work and make it hold up for a few seconds. It would help if you made it happen in such a way that the case and bobbin are hanging completely.
  2. Now you have to jerk the thread on gentle terms so that the case can fall easily. You have to let the matter falls gently at around 6 inches on a relative level. If in fact it is running so much far, then possibly the tension will lose down too! But if in case it is not running at all, then it might be possible that the tension is still tight. You can perform the adjustments according to the loosening or tightening of the screw based on the case.
  3. Its time to check the intensity of the top thread! As you will be pulling it through the central eye of your thread, it will flow much freely. There needs to be a proper tension, but make sure you are not pulling or catching it in any way at all. The set of pre-tensioner has been favorable designed for locating maximum pressure over the thread. This will be activating the sensors on the below side.
  4. Now, as you have corrected both the tensions, you will be running the samples all by digitizing the different columns of satin stitching. This stitching has to be around 1.5 inches long and a maximum 1/4 inch wide.

Final Verdict

Hence the central tension on your machine embroidery is the most essential adjustments in which you need to keep a constant check all the time. As you master yourself in all such techniques, you will get a feeling that when your machine is in need of some tension adjustments and when you should make some immediate changes.

As a bonus tip, when you feel that the white bobbin thread has been peaking over the top of the garment designing, you should keep a close check on the bobbin to make sure that it is not at all running slow. As much lower you have bobbin thread, the less form of resistance will be included on the top thread tension. It might peak from the top. You should bring some adjustment changes in your bobbin. Run the design a little bit more to figure out the overall working of the tensions in machine embroidery work.


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