Which Software is Best For Custom Design Embroidery Digitizing?

Are you looking for some reliable and best software options to make your custom design embroidery Digitising task easy to perform? Here we have the ideal recommendation for you in the name of “Avancé 1501C comes with Stitch Era Universal”. Are you ready to learn about this software product?

What is Avancé 1501C comes with Stitch Era Universal all about?

This is the free of cost online software as perfect meant for the custom design embroidery Digitising. The beginners can ideally make the use of it. But as similar to other embroidery software, this software has come across with some limitations for the users. This software would not be letting you stitch maximum 40,000 stitches per design.  While using this software, make sure that your computer is connected with internet service.

What is so special about Avancé 1501C comes with Stitch Era Universal?

The best thing about this software is that it maximizes the stitches control. It also includes the features of more adjustment for the sake of precise designing meant for every single section. Also, it offers some new stitches effects such as with density variation as well as edge modulation.

List of Different Stitching Types in Avancé 1501C comes with Stitch Era Universal:


  • It offers the paths with Running Stitch, E-Stitch, Elastic Pattern, as well as Elastic Programmable stitches and so on.
  • It has been attached with the columns with Zig Zag, E-Stitch, Elastic Pattern, plus with Elastic Programmable Stitches.
  • It has been settled with the features with Uniform and Creative Patterns, or the Programmable Stitches.
  • It even contributes to the areas with Applique, Textures, ad Photo Stitches.


Plus the custom design embroidery Digitising software has been specifically included with so many tools on an innovative level for your tasks. It makes it easy for you for creating some new and unique designs in easy variations and by combining some automation functions too. In simple, this software is best for the users who want some precise control over their embroidery designs.


List of Key Features of Avancé 1501C comes with Stitch Era Universal:


  • It is set with embroidery design viewer.
  • It offers out the machine format conversion for the users.
  • It is attached with the designing arrangement on the database.
  • It can best create embroidery texts.
  • You can easily mix the text into the current designs.
  • It has the feature of stitching editing in it.
  • You can look for the expanded designing processing and can import vector images.
  • You can easily convert your images into embroidery designs.
  • It makes your embroidery objects editing easy to do.
  • It also offers the feature of Auto-interactive tracing on complex images.
  • It gives out access to some advanced level of adjustments in your quality.
  • It is contributing to stitching patterns over some intricate areas.

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